154 - Intermittent

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Sorry for the slow updates, but with Teacher's Day, exams, and what not, my sartorial and fashion life is a bit like a dead fish as well. Néanmoins, I dropped by Lacquar today to spend my last $50 voucher which I won from their Facebook event. And since I'm technically still on a conditional shopping ban, I refused to pay more than $5, so I ended up with this necklace and a metal buckle bracelet I had been eyeing a few months back. The DIY post for Shannon's Bouquet will be up soon though. (Haveeee you met.. Rachel?)

153 - Shoesday Pornsday


The retail sequel to Shoesday Tuesday, because it's not really Tuesday, and because it's so much more pleasurable when they're actually purchasable. 

Up left we've got ice-cream cones and orange peels, courtesy of Fendi; and then, oh squeal, the metallics! Rick Owens sandal wedges for those who need the 'extra support'; and more space cowboys doing the hoedown with Marc Jacob's plastic metallic cowboy boots. So Spring 2011, yet so Fall 2011. Overpriced wellies splashing in puddles of money with Jil Sander; and I know shark week is over, but Nicholas Kirkwood is making a bigger splash with these sheer back ruffles

Practical boots to tread you through the season with Vionnet; and is that a really bad tan-line, or just a cheeky joke by MM6? We need to get over the Liyas, perhaps with these gorgeous Sabines from Alexander Wang. And the gem of the treasure trove, Jil Sander ain't overpricing you for these stunning shoes. Drop your sequined UGGs people.

I really need new shoes.

152 - Hidden In Plain View

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The concept of '1 in 5' is what's behind MASC's Limited collection. With only 6 designs in 2 colors each, that makes up only 60 pieces in the world, all handcrafted in London. The draping exquisite, fabrics luxurious, and it doesn't matter a single cent that this is supposedly their AW11 collection - profound appreciation must be bestowed upon timeless pieces. Practical yet unique clash with feminine yet minimalist to create these flattering conversation starters. Geometric acrylic necklaces that remind me of local brand L'ile Aux Ashby, but much more monochrome and appealing to this particular palate. 

151 - Space Uniform

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A look at what my carpark actually looks like before I stretch the sides of the wall and get a full, blank background. I refer to this, fondly, as my space uniform. More people need to understand my fascination with spacesuits, little meteorite rocks, shiny silvery metal bits that fell off the rocket, and an overall need for a space helmet. I would like to conquer Mars, perhaps name it "the glorious red ball of everlasting glory".

This is actually a really ill-cut and oddly sewn top I got from Editor's, but it really gives you extra shoulders when you layer it (plus the fact that I generally detest wearing sleeveless things). And something you guys have probably never seen before, my first pair of heels (oh my dog!! my childhood is coming back!!) I got when I was 13? It has lasted me well indeed, although there is no friction whatsoever. And in Stupidity Exhibit B, below, I asked my brother, "What's a pose that emphasises the shoulders?" Considering that we ended up with this, we obviously do not know what we're doing.

Editor's suede-pleather top; Editor's pleather shorts; Uniqlo long sleeve tee; Monorain bag; Charles and Keith shoes

150 - Shannon's Bouquet


To celebrate my 150th post: The result of an overactive imagination, a friend who enjoys makeup, and a few pictures of the makeup for Christopher Shannon's show. Something much more feminine and Spring - call this a forecast for 2013, will you? And pardon the crappy floor - it's as good as we could do on a rainy door taking shots indoors (in my room to be exact) with a highly underestimated amount of flowers purchased. Check out more shots under the cut, and wait for the proper DIY post soon. 

149 - Smize It

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I'm not the most religious ANTM watcher, but this season, I think I'm watching. It doesn't get any better than P'Trique. I've not much to say in this post: for my fellow friends who are stressing up and haven't heard of P'Trique, enjoy the videos below, they're worth the watch. And for everyone, here's a nice heads-up: I'll be posting the photos I took on Monday tomorrow! Yes, that means, return your virtual mouses here tomorrow.


148 - Clear as Conran


I've never heard of Jasper Conran before, but it sure was an amazing first impression when I saw this lucite hand-bag from his Spring 2012 show. Pish-posh, we're all into the lucite craze - heels, clutches and everything - but Conran's stepping it up a level by using translucent and opaque pieces for more geometric fun. I'd really like to get my tiny hands on one of these pieces, perhaps maybe that small, white sling? Practicality is what we all must give up for fashion - to the mind-bogglement of others. I'd imagine you wouldn't want your phone vibrating in there though. Shivers up your arms, shivers on your butt. 

Check out more of the runway looks and detail shots here.

147 - Dandy Monday

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My last enjoyment before it's hardcore mugging season - invited Rachel over today to have some DIY photoshoot fun, because a) She has a pretty face, b) She has skinny legs, and most importantly, c) She has a lot of makeup and related skills. My memory card is overloaded with shots, so until I sort them out, a few teaser photos. Keep watch!

146 - Cleric Monochrome

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I found a surprising gift for photography in my friend today. We took these shots after going for my friend's confirmation - I ever read somewhere that you shouldn't take shots around noon, because the light rays don't hit well. Absolutely true. Not that I can help it, I don't arrange my schedule around taking outfit shots, they just happen.  

Really love the way this skirt moves. I guess it was worth it to splurge 90 bucks on this baby from Zara last year after all. High quality chiffon (not the best I've gotten from Zara though) and a lovely asymmetrical cut. "Hey look! It's a bird! Hahahahahahahaahhaha!" An apt caption for a ridiculous photo.

Curtsy and out.

Editor's white shirt; G2000 blazer; Zara maxi skirt; H&M clutch; Lacquar shoes

145 - Hot Times

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Honestly, I wanted to walk out of the house with something much different from this, but plans went awry, and I ended up with this. I still haven't figured out a way to wear these culottes proper, since I'm not a particular fan of high-waisted bottoms. "Warm" was the only thing running through my head: I unfortunately bought this sweater off Gmarket during the winter season, so it's lined woolly inside and it's Singaporean Sartorial Suicide. I doubt unzipping the shoulders will help much either.

On other notes, I have something interesting planned for Monday - my last real enjoyment before I'm sprinting for finals - so keep watch for it next week.

Korea pullover; Vintage Burberry high-waisted culottes, Mango nude suede pumps; H&M clutch

144 - Virtual Shopping List Vol 1


Since my huge expenditure last month, on the excuse that it was my birthday, I've imposed a shopping ban on myself. The horrors, really. There's so much waiting to be bought. (Then again I have a few loophole rules like stuff I ordered last time that haven't been paid are not counted; neither were my recent orders from Gmarket) I present to you a list of things I would currently buy had I the will, sovereignty, and in some cases, the purchasing power to do so. In other words, there's an 80% chance I would buy these items. 

Blazer trio at the top - it pains me, but my favorite article of clothing just had to be the one that usually costs the most - the only piece in this set above $100, a Mango boucle trimmed jacket; a white smoking blazer which I actually tried on last month, but couldn't decide if I should buy it; and a very chic, modern and minimalist baseball style jacket. I'm really itching for this one. Mango is my current go-to brand: Zara has gotten pretentious, and Mango is offering me amazing monochrome options at far more decent prices.

Shoesday Thursday at the side: Silver sneakers with that slight oil shine (recall Shoesday Tuesday and Blumarine); Mango white wedges. These wedges are amazing, they were on sale because they're past season, but I couldn't decide if I should get them or not. H&M is now offering an eerily similar design at over twice the price.  Lastly, a pair of silver pumps I was looking at during the previous ASOS sale, and it's on sale now as well! Darn it.

Are you tired of reading yet? Nope? A petal and chain necklace from Stradivarius; a questionable-for-my-taste sequined skirt from H&M, and what seems to be the most amazing, glorious clutch I've seen this month. A little metallic blue miniaudiere from H&M. For something so tiny (I checked it out, it barely fits my phone), I'm questioning the price. But admit it, it looks plain gorgeous.

You can stop reading now.

143 - Shoesday Tuesday

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Shoesday shoesday shoesday. Say that fast enough, and it'll sound like Tuesday. I present to you, my personal, first edition round up of the Fall 2012 runway shoes. 

1. The Bare Essentials
I call these the bare essentials for fall, not like slippers or anything of that plebian nature, but just ridiculously wearable yet unique shoes. From the left, a perennial favorite, 3.1 Phillip Lim with tiny dots and a black toe cap. Alexander Wang in the 2nd panel, Giorgio Armani in the third for the slightly preppy but with a twist, and look, it's flat! Your feet will rejoice. And a stunner when I saw it, Yves Saint Laurent (sorry, was it Saint Laurent Paris?) on the right. Expose your Achilles heel, people.

2. Monochromatic Magnetic
Stella McCartney stuns with a black leather court shoes, although she does more than that: She grabs a tube of Colgate and slathers it on the bottom for an extra inch and juxtaposition. Pearly white teeth meets black lipstick - can't unsee that now, can you? Not sure whether I want to fill up that tiny gap in the Vera Wang wedge, though the smooth curve of the wedge is very soothing. Paco Rabanne for something more chunky, and even better news - that gray part comes in a mirror silver. Score!

3. Chic chic
Who can forget that mindblowing Dolce & Gabbana cake heel from arguably one of their most elaborate collections? Throw on a frilly dress and let's attend tea with the Mad Hatter. Lucite heels from Chanel, but with a blast of kryptonite just below the heel. It's those small things that matter, Superman. And lastly, would you look at those kicks? By looking at Jil Sander's show, you would think that the overall minimal, clean look would encompass the shoes. I was proven so, so wrong when I took at look at the detail shots. Such intense, gorgeous shoes to make up for the minimalism on the body. Someone help me, I can't breathe.

4. Eclectic Showstoppers
And lastly, for those with a bit too much money and a bit too little practicality. Bedazzling with Just Cavalli in spellbinding pink; unicorns and rainbows with your 6 year old niece with Jeremy Scott, go retro mambo jumbo with Miu Miu, and look like you've just stepped into a puddle of oil with this gorgeous boot from Blumarine. Did I also mention it comes in a stunning mirror silver? Did I mention my obsession with silver?

Shoesday Tuesday, over and out.

all images from Vogue

142 - Get your shine on

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Fashionspace, is like polyvore, except you earn money from it. (Polywhores you know where to go now). Of course it's that and more though. I'm dedicating Mondays, let's see how long this lasts, to lookbook mondays (or maybe tuesdays) on fashionspace. Even during my brief romantic fling with Polyvore, I figured I wasn't cut out for working on the ridiculous canvas. Removing white backgrounds has always been much easier with photoshop. So, I offered the only original content I could - illustrations. I reckon I'll be taking the same approach with fashionspace.

Spent an hour scouring through net-a-porter - I originally wanted to work with this paneled blazer from The Row, until I saw this gorilla baby by Versus. Then for some old school disco brocade fun, sequined pants by Derek Lam; signature Marni look crystal and resin necklace; and just for kicks, Christian Louboutin crystal-heel satin sandals. Going at $2000, those are expensive kicks indeed.

View my look here. Cheerios, gorillas.

141 - Iron Heart

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Armpit exposure pose! I really wanted to take night shots with this outfit, but my resident photographer was busy attending some ridiculous party, so it was just me, my tripod, and the several white walls of my room. I'm beginning to become afraid of how over-attached I am to silver. 2 tabs away on my browser, I'm staring at a replica Givenchy Antigona in mirror silver, which happened to be on my lust-list, in the category of "Will never ever afford in the next 10 years". Paco Rabanne and Simone Rocha on my blog header, and a whole bunch of silver illuminating all my recent black outfits. Decisions, decisions.

My neck was aching about 5 hours in from the stress of wearing two necklaces, the chain necklace being especially heavy. Iron necks and iron wrists. You have no idea how tough it was to get those last two shots taken by myself.

Korea cape blazer; Lacquar webbed t-shirt; Mango snakeskin print shorts; Lacquar shoes; Lacquar studded wristband; ASOS guitar coil bracelets; Editor's metal fringe necklace; Forever 21 metal chain necklace; ASOS bag

140 - Kirkwood for Erdem

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In the midst of a lazy afternoon Batman marathon on the couch, I went onto Net-a-porter, and would you guess it, I finally see these Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem babies being sold. These are the crème de la crème of fall shoes in my book. Can you imagine all the mind warping fun you'll create on passersby? 

From the top, get it in some yellow-tweed-print, or from the bottom, get it in some sketchy pond and lilies theme. Or, do the fall, get the boot. For some spangles, there's the sequined silk chiffon skirt from Temperley London: it's all glittery outside, but still really comfy inside; and then there's a close relative, the paillette-embellished crocheted frame clutch from Dolce & Gabbana. 

I'm no big fan of dresses, but pogo-textured peplum dress from Hakaan is a stunner, and I like the subtle allusion to some astro-girl with space rockets on her hips. Some more geometry lessons with Chalayan's red hot contrast-panel crepe dress, and lastly, just to ruffle some feathers, Christian Louboutin's 20th Anniversary Artemis Plumes python shoulder bag. Special things for special occasions.

Is it Friday already?

139 - Sunny Days


Happy National Day! My parents insisted on dragging us out to Gardens by the Bay despite the fact that I have trodden along the same gardens the day before. Excuse the sad outfit, but I'd like to highlight the dip-chiffon shirt I snagged during thescarletroom's clothing buffet at ST Classifieds Fashion showcase

Today, I have nothing to present to you except a non-fashion photo diary of Gardens by the bay, so I'll put some them under the cut. Will be ensconcing in the couch watching television. Ciaos.

138 - Infinitesimal (RED)


A sad fall collection I never got round to finishing, a.k.a I lost the remainder of my designs. I think I may have been inspired by swallows, and retrospectively speaking, it looks like a design dump for me to toss all the ideas which had no collections to belong to. There are elements that I vaguely remember being ridiculously obsessed over, such as paneled pants (see first image, 4th look), side zip pants (last image, 2nd look), and odd outers (first image, 1st look; second image, 1st look). 

National Day is coming, and I will be partaking in the festivities by drowning myself in a project due on Friday, so pardon me if updates are slow and worthless.

See more at my deviantart here

137 - Illustration: Dion Lee

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I've been thinking of posting about Dion Lee, Australian genius who debuted at London Fashion Week with his Fall 2012 collection, for a while now. And I'm reckoning that merely posting pictures, which you can access yourself, would be lacking originality. From now, if the time allows me, I'll entertain your corneas with my sub-par illustration skills.

Fall 2012 Ready-to-wear

There's an undeniably sexiness in his clothes. First look is probably one of my favorites, for the play on opacity. Second, is pure genius, using nude mesh to create optical illusions of sexy-as-hell panels and cuts. 

Resort 2013 

Dion Lee generally has this clean, glowing feel about his look book photos. I could attribute half of it to mind-warping creations like the jacket in the first panel, or the luxurious sheen on the fabrics he chooses - see panels 2 and 3. Panel 4, a master at optical illusions: I declined attempting to draw these looks because I pretty much knew how much of a disservice it would be to him before I even drew the first stroke.

Another designer to add to the list of "What makes me excited for the next fashion week."

Images from Style.com

136 - Fifty Shades


I was too tempted to put the title as Fifty Shades of Grey. I've been coming up blank when trying to create outfits despite only having to create 2 a week - perhaps it's because I haven't been buying anything. But I managed to go down to the SG Bloggers' Flea yesterday and bought a pair of new white pumps from Pia for $20. I was determined to leave with something - I spent over half an hour wandering around the place before I finally found the shortcut. 

Finally brought the silver pyramid clutch I got from asos out today. I really had to spin it multiple times and open all 4 zips before I could find my phone. Sooner or later I'll be wielding a pair of scissors and tearing apart one of the pockets to access more space. I could probably fit my DSLR then.

Silver obsession. 

Thescarletroom top; Zara skirt; H&M sandals; ASOS pyramid bag; Lacquar wristband; Forever 21 necklace

135 - ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Show

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Dragged my body out of bed fairly early on Saturday morning (despite the energy draining night at Marcellie)  to continue on with more funsome expenditure and stimulation of the economy - I calculated: my clothing expenditure for July hit an all time high of $400. So that's where my money went. Straits Times Classified Fashion & IT Show 2012! It mainly featured blogshops like thescarletroom and Runway Bandits among others, as well as some of the Parco Next Next designers like MASH-UP! and Kae Hana.

Since I registered online, I managed to get a "VIP Seating" (in essence, a seat. There was nothing VIP about it whatsoever. I just had, a seat.) ticket for the fashion show, which basically showcased some of the local blogshops who had exclusive manufactured designs and a short interview with their respective owners.

Out of all the shows, I probably enjoyed the pieces by Sandyjoy the most - they were solid looks with clean lines and a slight twist. Although I will argue against this general unsuitability of the clothes for people of less desirable figures and thigh sizes. 

Feist Heist had a booth too, and they had $50 mystery goodie bags I regret not buying. There's not much risk involved: generally Feist Heist provides amazing basics that I can probably find a way to work into my wardrobe. I had to get a picture of these helpers at the modparade booth - they were dressed to complement each other in hues of denim and blues and overall flirty, cute tones.

Loved the set-up of the By Invite Only jewelry booth! If you missed out on it this year, fret not, because it can only get better next year. (With hopefully, saner clothing buffets.)