133 - Annie

I had the pleasure of winning a free gift from Thescarletroom at the ST Classifieds event on Saturday, and subsequently meeting Annie, the owner of aforementioned online shop. How did I win it? TSR's facebook hosted a competition for people to comment on why they loved TSR. If you're not sure what TSR sells, simply put it: it sells good stuff. Not your typical run-in-the-mill blogshop or certain Far East shops I find myself somewhat averse to, but something much more toned down and basic chic

It was pretty lively at the booth while I was waiting to collect my prize: the auntie helping out at the booth (who I later learnt also helped to package the orders) was busy trying on clothes and making flashy poses, another lady who was helping out was convincing her to return the jacket, the photographer who came was trying on a pair of sunglasses, and Annie, who was kind enough to answer a few questions and entertain me while I waited. (Also offering me a seat multiple times.)

I've always had this general impression that owning an online shop must be pretty fun: Ignoring the logistic troubles and the once-in-a-while customer complaints, you get to fly overseas often enough sourcing for interesting products and getting them for yourself at the same time. Of course, when I related this to Annie she pretty much smashed all my rainbow-unicorn rednotions. I guess running an online webstore with only yourself and a few helpers gets pretty tough. Hm. I might want to reconsider my career options. 

As far as I can tell, Annie's carrying a Proenza Schouler PS11 and wearing a dress that will probably pop up on the TSR shop sometime soon. If visuals aren't enough to convince you to get it, then Annie's comment will.
"It has pockets!" the lady said, while shoving her hands into them and making light motions to prove their worldly existence.

Other experiences included being first-in-line for the clothing buffet that seemed to be terribly popular. See example: when I went to the booth at quainthood, the helpers there asked if I had come for the clothing buffet. Guilty as charged. Count yourself lucky, for I shall impart my post-traumabuffet wisdom: If you plan on excelling at a clothing buffet, you need to (a) throw away all dignity as a female and human being and just grab, regardless of any onlookers or potential male specimens; and (b) in order to do the grabbing mentioned in (a), one must possess one of those blessed all-sizes-fit-me bodies.

I only filled up half of my bag. Cue applause.

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  1. OH I REMEMBER HER haha when I was with Max and Perina at the buffet she said to me "Wah, your friends so fierce" hahahaha. But UNTRUE, I just picked up and stuffed clothes into the bag, half of them were still in the plastic bags, so (a) doesn't apply. And (b) doesn't apply to skinny pear.