134 - Black pebbles

This is more or less termed sartorial suicide, in the category of temperature. Not technically as bad as outer space pizzazzle I wore the other day, but qualifies nonetheless. Caped blazer on top of a cardigan on top of a t-shirt. Selective procession of my brain: it accepts the arrival of fall and layering, but ignores the ever unchanging climate of this island. In the spirit of National Day, I will acknowledge that the Love at First Light NDP song 2012, at the very least, has gotten one thing right: "warm, sunny days."

These shoes have gotten pretty worn out. I bought them from one of those cheap shops at Far East somewhere in February for $20, since I thought that plat/flatforms would only be a short-term trend for me. When the dire, revolutionary time comes that these break down, I'll be left with a gaping hole in my shoe closet reserved for a pair of jewels that will give me 3 over inches of additional height without the stress of a steep incline. Good shoes will take you anywhere. Except up a hill. It's a torture walking home in these.

Editor's black tee; Editor's shorts; New Look brown cardigan; Korea cape blazer; Monorain bag; Far East platforms

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