135 - ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Show

Dragged my body out of bed fairly early on Saturday morning (despite the energy draining night at Marcellie)  to continue on with more funsome expenditure and stimulation of the economy - I calculated: my clothing expenditure for July hit an all time high of $400. So that's where my money went. Straits Times Classified Fashion & IT Show 2012! It mainly featured blogshops like thescarletroom and Runway Bandits among others, as well as some of the Parco Next Next designers like MASH-UP! and Kae Hana.

Since I registered online, I managed to get a "VIP Seating" (in essence, a seat. There was nothing VIP about it whatsoever. I just had, a seat.) ticket for the fashion show, which basically showcased some of the local blogshops who had exclusive manufactured designs and a short interview with their respective owners.

Out of all the shows, I probably enjoyed the pieces by Sandyjoy the most - they were solid looks with clean lines and a slight twist. Although I will argue against this general unsuitability of the clothes for people of less desirable figures and thigh sizes. 

Feist Heist had a booth too, and they had $50 mystery goodie bags I regret not buying. There's not much risk involved: generally Feist Heist provides amazing basics that I can probably find a way to work into my wardrobe. I had to get a picture of these helpers at the modparade booth - they were dressed to complement each other in hues of denim and blues and overall flirty, cute tones.

Loved the set-up of the By Invite Only jewelry booth! If you missed out on it this year, fret not, because it can only get better next year. (With hopefully, saner clothing buffets.)

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