137 - Illustration: Dion Lee

I've been thinking of posting about Dion Lee, Australian genius who debuted at London Fashion Week with his Fall 2012 collection, for a while now. And I'm reckoning that merely posting pictures, which you can access yourself, would be lacking originality. From now, if the time allows me, I'll entertain your corneas with my sub-par illustration skills.

Fall 2012 Ready-to-wear

There's an undeniably sexiness in his clothes. First look is probably one of my favorites, for the play on opacity. Second, is pure genius, using nude mesh to create optical illusions of sexy-as-hell panels and cuts. 

Resort 2013 

Dion Lee generally has this clean, glowing feel about his look book photos. I could attribute half of it to mind-warping creations like the jacket in the first panel, or the luxurious sheen on the fabrics he chooses - see panels 2 and 3. Panel 4, a master at optical illusions: I declined attempting to draw these looks because I pretty much knew how much of a disservice it would be to him before I even drew the first stroke.

Another designer to add to the list of "What makes me excited for the next fashion week."

Images from Style.com

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