139 - Sunny Days

Happy National Day! My parents insisted on dragging us out to Gardens by the Bay despite the fact that I have trodden along the same gardens the day before. Excuse the sad outfit, but I'd like to highlight the dip-chiffon shirt I snagged during thescarletroom's clothing buffet at ST Classifieds Fashion showcase

Today, I have nothing to present to you except a non-fashion photo diary of Gardens by the bay, so I'll put some them under the cut. Will be ensconcing in the couch watching television. Ciaos.

I really liked the angles and the way the light reflected of all these metal structures. Storing it aside in my mental inspiration box.


  1. Wonderful Photos! :D

  2. I was back reading through your blog and I found this post; I automatically clicked the 'read more' because I love Gardens by the Bay, and I am in awe of your superb photos. They're really lovely!

    xx Patricia