141 - Iron Heart

Armpit exposure pose! I really wanted to take night shots with this outfit, but my resident photographer was busy attending some ridiculous party, so it was just me, my tripod, and the several white walls of my room. I'm beginning to become afraid of how over-attached I am to silver. 2 tabs away on my browser, I'm staring at a replica Givenchy Antigona in mirror silver, which happened to be on my lust-list, in the category of "Will never ever afford in the next 10 years". Paco Rabanne and Simone Rocha on my blog header, and a whole bunch of silver illuminating all my recent black outfits. Decisions, decisions.

My neck was aching about 5 hours in from the stress of wearing two necklaces, the chain necklace being especially heavy. Iron necks and iron wrists. You have no idea how tough it was to get those last two shots taken by myself.

Korea cape blazer; Lacquar webbed t-shirt; Mango snakeskin print shorts; Lacquar shoes; Lacquar studded wristband; ASOS guitar coil bracelets; Editor's metal fringe necklace; Forever 21 metal chain necklace; ASOS bag

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