143 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoesday shoesday shoesday. Say that fast enough, and it'll sound like Tuesday. I present to you, my personal, first edition round up of the Fall 2012 runway shoes. 

1. The Bare Essentials
I call these the bare essentials for fall, not like slippers or anything of that plebian nature, but just ridiculously wearable yet unique shoes. From the left, a perennial favorite, 3.1 Phillip Lim with tiny dots and a black toe cap. Alexander Wang in the 2nd panel, Giorgio Armani in the third for the slightly preppy but with a twist, and look, it's flat! Your feet will rejoice. And a stunner when I saw it, Yves Saint Laurent (sorry, was it Saint Laurent Paris?) on the right. Expose your Achilles heel, people.

2. Monochromatic Magnetic
Stella McCartney stuns with a black leather court shoes, although she does more than that: She grabs a tube of Colgate and slathers it on the bottom for an extra inch and juxtaposition. Pearly white teeth meets black lipstick - can't unsee that now, can you? Not sure whether I want to fill up that tiny gap in the Vera Wang wedge, though the smooth curve of the wedge is very soothing. Paco Rabanne for something more chunky, and even better news - that gray part comes in a mirror silver. Score!

3. Chic chic
Who can forget that mindblowing Dolce & Gabbana cake heel from arguably one of their most elaborate collections? Throw on a frilly dress and let's attend tea with the Mad Hatter. Lucite heels from Chanel, but with a blast of kryptonite just below the heel. It's those small things that matter, Superman. And lastly, would you look at those kicks? By looking at Jil Sander's show, you would think that the overall minimal, clean look would encompass the shoes. I was proven so, so wrong when I took at look at the detail shots. Such intense, gorgeous shoes to make up for the minimalism on the body. Someone help me, I can't breathe.

4. Eclectic Showstoppers
And lastly, for those with a bit too much money and a bit too little practicality. Bedazzling with Just Cavalli in spellbinding pink; unicorns and rainbows with your 6 year old niece with Jeremy Scott, go retro mambo jumbo with Miu Miu, and look like you've just stepped into a puddle of oil with this gorgeous boot from Blumarine. Did I also mention it comes in a stunning mirror silver? Did I mention my obsession with silver?

Shoesday Tuesday, over and out.

all images from Vogue

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