144 - Virtual Shopping List Vol 1

Since my huge expenditure last month, on the excuse that it was my birthday, I've imposed a shopping ban on myself. The horrors, really. There's so much waiting to be bought. (Then again I have a few loophole rules like stuff I ordered last time that haven't been paid are not counted; neither were my recent orders from Gmarket) I present to you a list of things I would currently buy had I the will, sovereignty, and in some cases, the purchasing power to do so. In other words, there's an 80% chance I would buy these items. 

Blazer trio at the top - it pains me, but my favorite article of clothing just had to be the one that usually costs the most - the only piece in this set above $100, a Mango boucle trimmed jacket; a white smoking blazer which I actually tried on last month, but couldn't decide if I should buy it; and a very chic, modern and minimalist baseball style jacket. I'm really itching for this one. Mango is my current go-to brand: Zara has gotten pretentious, and Mango is offering me amazing monochrome options at far more decent prices.

Shoesday Thursday at the side: Silver sneakers with that slight oil shine (recall Shoesday Tuesday and Blumarine); Mango white wedges. These wedges are amazing, they were on sale because they're past season, but I couldn't decide if I should get them or not. H&M is now offering an eerily similar design at over twice the price.  Lastly, a pair of silver pumps I was looking at during the previous ASOS sale, and it's on sale now as well! Darn it.

Are you tired of reading yet? Nope? A petal and chain necklace from Stradivarius; a questionable-for-my-taste sequined skirt from H&M, and what seems to be the most amazing, glorious clutch I've seen this month. A little metallic blue miniaudiere from H&M. For something so tiny (I checked it out, it barely fits my phone), I'm questioning the price. But admit it, it looks plain gorgeous.

You can stop reading now.


  1. You seem to like silver iridescent/holographic a lot! You might like this from ASOS: http://www.asos.com/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2241087

    Mine got delivered days ago but I returned it today because of some visible defects. GOOD STUFF, VERY SHINYYYY.

    I like the sneaks from H&M too, wonder if it's out in Singapore yet.

    1. Yes I do haha, I'm worried that I'm collecting too much of it and it'll turn stale in my closet next season. Hmm, I'm not really into creepers haha, but thanks anyway!

      Not sure about the sneakers tho!