146 - Cleric Monochrome

I found a surprising gift for photography in my friend today. We took these shots after going for my friend's confirmation - I ever read somewhere that you shouldn't take shots around noon, because the light rays don't hit well. Absolutely true. Not that I can help it, I don't arrange my schedule around taking outfit shots, they just happen.  

Really love the way this skirt moves. I guess it was worth it to splurge 90 bucks on this baby from Zara last year after all. High quality chiffon (not the best I've gotten from Zara though) and a lovely asymmetrical cut. "Hey look! It's a bird! Hahahahahahahaahhaha!" An apt caption for a ridiculous photo.

Curtsy and out.

Editor's white shirt; G2000 blazer; Zara maxi skirt; H&M clutch; Lacquar shoes

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