151 - Space Uniform

A look at what my carpark actually looks like before I stretch the sides of the wall and get a full, blank background. I refer to this, fondly, as my space uniform. More people need to understand my fascination with spacesuits, little meteorite rocks, shiny silvery metal bits that fell off the rocket, and an overall need for a space helmet. I would like to conquer Mars, perhaps name it "the glorious red ball of everlasting glory".

This is actually a really ill-cut and oddly sewn top I got from Editor's, but it really gives you extra shoulders when you layer it (plus the fact that I generally detest wearing sleeveless things). And something you guys have probably never seen before, my first pair of heels (oh my dog!! my childhood is coming back!!) I got when I was 13? It has lasted me well indeed, although there is no friction whatsoever. And in Stupidity Exhibit B, below, I asked my brother, "What's a pose that emphasises the shoulders?" Considering that we ended up with this, we obviously do not know what we're doing.

Editor's suede-pleather top; Editor's pleather shorts; Uniqlo long sleeve tee; Monorain bag; Charles and Keith shoes

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