172 - Catch 'Em All

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Today was a day for the epic struggle between maturity and childhood. Am I 10? Check out the chick shirt, really, I bought it when I was about 10 or 11, and while cleaning out my closet I decided that I didn't want to throw it away - it could come useful somehow someday. Henceforth, yet another questionable outfit. $2 cap from Daiso is my new best friend, and I'm singing praises to my decision to get this perforated ASOS bag in July - it'll serve me well for the perforated trend next season.

Additionally, let me expound on the immensities of the benefits of a cap. It is not for the sun only, no, the cap, so glorious in its being, while being entirely selective and exclusive and banning 90% of its relatives from flattering my face, can shield your heavily lined eyes from the heavenly rays of the sun, yet protect your heavy mascara from the unforgiving rain. En plus, they can be ridiculously cheap.

My older brother asked my younger brother, "Does she look like she's from Pokemon?" "Yes!" "Does she look like she's Ash?" "Yes!" Damn. I tried. 

Where's my pikachu?

Aetienne x Phyle blazer; Mango shirt; Editor's shorts; Lacquar shoes; Daiso cap; ASOS bag



Of course, amble your mouse over to the much HQ version on my deviantart here, just so you can see the impatient strokes of gray-scale paint.

As expounded earlier, I traveled along the inspiration line from Isolation and ended up with Prison, though my take is a little less orange and burly and much cleaner. And, it has a story to tell! It might be a bit abstract and shallow - when I recounted this amazing tale to my friends they found it, for lack of a better word, 'entertaining' - but here goes the shambles of my mind: 

The collection starts off clear, and with a shimmery jacquard fabric, to represent something like 'innocence' and inexperience. The 3rd look on is a sudden change of scene to jail, and in the 5th look, he, or she, is thrown in solitary confinement, therefore represented by multiple layers of black fabric overcoming the gray walls, and only redeemed by the slight hint of the jacquard, or of skin to symbolize the physical slot in which the food is passed through. In the 7th and 8th look, the pieces have a concrete wall print, meant to convey the 4 walls and the general consistency of life, before he's suddenly released from prison in the 9th. His journey back to 'innocence' of course takes time, and is constantly shrouded by the memory of prison and the maturity he has gained, hence the sheer white fabric. And it is also this that allows him to become more 'innocent' than before. I see innocent as more of a mindset than an actual state of being in this case.

This is one of the first collections whereby I've tried to create some sort of linear fiction or actual message, and I probably have ways to go. Nonetheless, I'm pretty proud of it, and I'm growing fond of this art style.

Look 1, 2: Sheer dress with metallic jacquard panels and back
Look 3: White long-sleeve jumpsuit with belt
Look 4: White three-quarter sleeve shirt, white pants
Look 5: Gray maxi dress, multiple-layered asymmetrical sheer fabric turtle-neck cape
Look 6: Gray midi dress with white panel, multiple-layered sheer fabric turtle-neck cape
Look 7: Multiple-layered asymmetrical sheer fabric wide turtle-neck cape, white midi skirt
Look 8: Concrete print long sleeve shirt and pants with cut out slits
Look 9: Concrete print three-quarter sleeve jacket and wide leg berms, white long sleeve shirt and pants
Look 10: White cape-dress with multiple-layered sheer fabric turtle-neck
Look 11: White shirt with sheer collar and sleeves, white berms with sheer extensions
Look 12: Sheer blouse with white panel and collar, high-waist white midi skirt
Look 13: Sheer turtleneck-neck blouse, metallic jacquard midi dress with white panels
Look 14: Sheer asymmetrical cape with multiple-layered fabric turtle-neck, long sleeved metallic jacquard maxi dress with slits

170 - After Zour Hour

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I've been keeping Yang Li's website on bookmark for a while now, but since it's fall and I should steer my color palette from pastels and whites who have decided to impose themselves upon my preferences this latter season, the black, enveloping androgyny of Yang Li's AW 12/13 collection should and must be shared.

As usual with most androgynous collections with an undertone of avant garde, over-sized silhouettes and a lot of black. Case study: If the body or the weather calls for it, layer a maxi skirt, a knee-length skirt, and a long sleeve shirt, snuggle up and simmer. And lastly, I must bestow love upon the patent boots.

169 - Confinement

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When I'm bored in class and looking for a collection, I ask my trusty Joe for random ideas and words. She gave me 'Isolation', and I would say I've stretched quite far from the original term. When I heard it, I thought of solitary, which led me to solitary confinement, which led to the idea of prison. In essence, that's what the Isolation collection is about. It's entirely monochromatic, deliciously avant garde and plain, but I hope I made up for it by drawing in watercolors and scribbly lines.

For the time being until I can find a way to recover the colors lost by my shabby printer, I'll present these two first looks as a teaser.

168 - Desert Sun

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I really wanted to bring my Aetienne x Phyle jacket out, really. But the sun was blazing, the weather's been uncooperative, and I'm a A-class sweat machine. Not to mention the ridiculously apt photo location of some pseudo-barren desert wasteland. 

I'm always seeking trends before their season actually arrives - I've been exposed to so much oversized white shirts recently from the SS13 shows, I stole my dad's Marks and Spencer short sleeve (quarter on me) linen shirt. By my absolutely biased judgement, I deem this acceptable - why pay hundreds when you can just steal your dad's clothes? - Another effective argument for why humans cannot live alone.

Meet Charlie.

Photos by Ana
Aetienne x Phyle blazer; Marks & Spencer shirt; Editor's shorts; Zara beige pumps; H&M clutch

167 - Starry Eyed

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I used to have this false fascination that being street-styled is the ultimate of recognitions. But then I realized, quarter of attracting people's attention is just going out of the box. Way out of it. Case in point: LED fake lashes. Doesn't get any better my folks. 

Soomi Park has come up with these surreal LED eyelashes in response to Korea's (and women all over the world) desire to have bigger eyes. Personal interest dictates less attention onto the technological workings of this nifty accessory, but rather how stunning they'll look like at night, or another possible DIY project just for kicks. I should stumble around Orchard one night like this, blend into the night lights and iron sights. 

Goodbye, romantic scenes. No more will there be "staring into her gorgeous eyes as the light reflected off them", but usher in "I can't see anything but her LED lashes". Hello, man-made beauty.

166 - Phyle Pour Femme

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I was pretty psyched when the Aetienne x Phyle collection first came out - I ordered my black blazer, in fear that it'd run out of stock - the very same night. Unfortunately, I've always taken my chances with unregistered postage, and my blazer got lost (and or stolen) along it's magical journey to my house. But I can assure you one thing, you will get top notch customer service from Phyle: they kindly sent another one to me and were absolutely gracious in dealing with my request. 

I'd reckon the most interesting thing about Phyle is how it deals with social enterprise together with fashion. Sometimes I take a step back and look at my closet, and the ridiculous amount of money I spend on clothes, and then ponder on the materialism of being enamored with the industry. You get allegations of sweatshops or underpaid workers, before you realize the harsh reality of the situation. Thereafter, you brush it off as the fact that you can't do anything - mass market is mass market, and it's not like tailoring everything is an option. I honestly think that's where Phyle takes the step to provide underprivileged households in Singapore with the skills and equipment to make clothes, but keeping the prices reasonable. I paid $54.90 for this blazer. I got amazing customer service, no loose threads and quality issues, intense uniqueness, without forking twice the price at some international label.

Of course I'll always end up buying mass produced goods, but there's a significance in acknowledging those less fortunate than you, and understanding how supporting enterprises like these could create an exciting generation of social enterprises.

Therefore, I hereby present to you a call to action (school, you can come in so handy) to check out the first Phyle collection and hopefully spot something worth buying. (I recommend the skirts, as well as registered postage) Meanwhile, I'll get acquainted with my new staple piece for the weekend.

165 - Bao Square

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I reckoned naming the post "Bao Bao" wouldn't have done much better, so I went with something much more mathematical with "Bao Square". Issey Miyake's Bao Bao remains one of the top pieces in my To Covet list, although the whole craze might have died down a bit. Doesn't retract the fact that it is one stellar, functional contraption that I would love to grace my palms with, and this stunner that I saw at the airport last week (bag paparazzi) receives all the applause. I haven't seen too many multi-colored combinations online, but this piece is gorgeous. Other favorites include this season's gradient ones, on-the-go bronze mirror, and the classic number series, since we are on the topic of squares and arithmatic. 

164 - Shoulder to Shoulder

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Shoulder shoulder shoulder shoulder, type it enough times and the spelling begins to look wrong. Took my part-DIY blazer out for a spin, and for a day, I was gorilla shoulders. With a bit of moss on my chest, a log of wood in my hand, there is no scarier sartorial being stomping the face of this earth. Below, gorilla shoulders, enthralled by her feet. 

Photos by Erica
Mango + DIY blazer; Mango shirt; Editor's shorts; Zara shoes; DIY wooden box clutch

163 - Hanging out

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There's no way to argue against it - it's fall. And fall means blazers and outers and a whole lot of balancing jackets on your shoulders as if it's 10 degrees out when you're living in Singapore, without looking like an idiot pulling back up your blazer after it falls off your shoulders while you pay for a new bag of clothes from Zara. Henceforth, I present to you a stellar case of my ingenuity-idiocy, an confusing disease where you can't decide if I'm actually a Class A idiot, or a Nobel Prize winning genius. 

162 - New Chapters


My exams are finally over! Although there are still some stuff I have to take care of, it's pretty much surreal that my grades are settled and now you just need to sit through the rest of the term. Dropped by Changi Airport yesterday to see one of my good friends off, and I managed to stumble upon this long-stretch of gorgeous carpark. God bless empty spaces and prime lens. Mulling over whether I'm ridiculous enough to spend an hour travelling to Changi just to keep getting shots at this gorgeous space.

Exposed socks and exposed socks, and my favorite Zara bluchers. Ning if you're reading this, hope you got there safe!

Photos taken by Henghwee
Zara shirt; Korea cape blazer; Editor's shorts; Zara shoes; Flea bag; Lacquar studded wristband

161 - Red to Black


I don't think I have ever shared my Euterpe (don't be shy, click on it to see better! or better, visit my deviantart) Spring collection here yet, since I started this blog only in February. One legged pants, one sleeved outers, and copious amounts of color and sheer fabric. I would say it's one of my favorite collections to-date, although some things are a bit iffy. But admit it, an elephant-head swimsuit cape combo? Batman is passé, my friends. 

I only got to the subject of Euterpe - named after the song in Guilty Crown (anime, sad fools) which I was and still am obsessed with, and inspired by the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch - because of this collection by Liz Black. Liz Red reporting: Why would you ever need capes, if you have circular wings?

Two more days, till I'm free!

160 - Knights of the Square Table


Two concrete blocks, and an outfit fit for war. I reckon it would've been too ironic had I named this "Knights of the Round Table". Tomorrow marks the start of my finals week, so I decided to armor myself in preparation for the somewhat grueling week ahead. Who said fashion isn't an expression? Was tempted to go to the same place Erica and I went last week, but I figured it'd be too boring, considering I haven't posted any outfit posts since last Sunday.

Stumpy leg-a-thon. "This ditch is too big, I can't get across. Sorry ant, we weren't meant to be." A few more shots to compensate for the lack of posts that is going to plague the coming week. 

High on the over-exposure! To all my fellow schoolmates-cum-readers, all the best!

Photography by Erica and Brother Dearest
Editor's black t-shirt (underneath); Editor's silver knit pullover; Korea cape blazer; Uniqlo bermudas; H&M silver sandals; Lacquar studded wristband; Korea bag

159 - Shannon's Behind


If you haven't treated your eyes to Shannon's Bouquet yet, then it's about time you do. I would think it's pretty common sense to do this look, but the rednotion reader is always interested in knowing things they already know, so click under the cut for the long (I mean, long) list of makeup, some behind-the-scenes and DIY photos! 

158 - Wearable Mugler

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I had the privilege (a somewhat costly one, at that) of watching the Mugler FW 2012 show when they came for Audi Fashion Festival earlier this year, and the question has always bugged me: Given Mugler's 100% avant-garde-ness and complexity - Formichetti said it 'only' took 3 months to do the orange dress - how would that translate down to ready-to-wear pieces?

Goes without saying I found my answer while browsing through SSENSE today. The tiger print blazer, the padded shoulders little black dress (does that come in orange? If it doesn't, it's a real shame), the unique cuffs on the sweater, and that stunning tiger-print knit sweater. To commoners such as me, the prices are stunning as well! Nonetheless, these pieces are gorgeous and just screaming Mugler. They've been watered down perfectly. Hopefully my eyes will be treated to some of these gems on the street during fashion week!

157 - A-Class Plan B

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For weeks she had been staring longingly at the desolate courtyard near her church, aching to create some memories there. But as fate would have it, when she finally got her chance, the memories were less than desirable. - The Sad Picture, by Elizabeth.

I'm getting better at this short-story writing. A-class writing, really. But yes, this was the only decent shot I managed to get out of the courtyard shoot - darn the sunlight. As backup Plan B, I did take some shots in the nearby void deck that played much more to my usual tastes - all white, and a lot of concrete.

Look at that face! Damn, I could be the next Joan Smalls on the cover of Vogue. The whole mint-trend came and went really fast. I only managed to wear this bandeau skirt once. (Ever article of clothing in my closet has it's story, no matter how few a times I have worn them) I opened my closet, and it was crying at me to be worn, so I picked up the first clutch I ever bought and left. Yet another questionable outfit.

Such an A-class face.

Lacquar webbed top; Editor's chiffon dress; Cotton On mint bandeau skirt; Esprit turquoise clutch; Far East platforms.
Photography by Erica