155 - Se Détendre

She woke up this morning, stared at her closet, and couldn't figure out what to wear. She gasped. Epitome of first world problems, by Elizabeth. 

I should probably also name this picture - the dead fish in the white sea. It has come to my sore attention that when I cannot come up with anything interesting to wear, I escape to the last rule in the book - layer. And since I didn't particularly feel like steaming myself a xiao long bao today, necklace lapis it is. (If you're not asian and/or Singaporean, I suggest you google those words.)

Modern silver necklace from Lacquar meets semi-girly, Vintage necklace which I got for a steal of $3 from Scape's weekly flea. Combine that and what do you achieve? The pretentious juxtaposition. C'est la vie.

Zara shirt; Stradivarius shorts; Lacquar silver necklace; Flea necklace


  1. you should take off your specs in your pictures :) you look even prettier without them :D

    1. Awww thank you haha! I don't know, I'm always so attached to my glasses I kind of like wearing them