156 - Valentino's Pea-zants

Fashionspace posed a challenge (ooh how exciting!) to write a review on the Valentino Fall 2012 show. You tell me, how does one reject free inspiration? That don't come easy. But if you want a review so profoundly professional and rhetorical, dealing with the matters of inspiration and message, you should probably amble your online mouse over to Style.com and check those out. If not, cue the scroll.

I reckon I can paste a gold star on the first several looks for Valentino's ability to deal with black leather and make it into something so feminine, and more importantly, current. Black capes - Batman! Full body black jumpsuits - Catwoman! Someone shine the Bat-Signal. Ironically, at the same time, you'll see that Valentino is dealing in the issues of the folk. Somewhat peasant-ly (we pronounced that as pea-zent, not pez-uhnt) in terms of silhouettes and cuts, but not lacking a single intricate detail when it comes to the actual embellishments and add-on. First world dilemmas: we want to look 34.538% (to 3 decimal places) like a pea-zant, without actually being 34.538% (to 3 decimal places) a pea-zant.

It was a dressy occasion - literally. Maxis or knee-length dresses, lightly nipped at the waist, made sure these pea-zants could stay somewhat warm during the fall season (pea-zants don't have heaters, you first world brats). There wasn't a false step when it came to tailoring the pants or coats, and they kept the fabrics simple but luxurious. Reconsider the collection for a bit, and you'll feel this subliminal ease in which Valentino alternates sending formal and casual looks out at random moments without really jarring your visual experience.

When pea-zants are not rioting, they are hopefully hard at work. And that's exactly what the seamstresses down at Valentino were. Sequins and embroidery were used to make each piece unique despite their eerily similar silhouettes: a million different configurations reflecting light and flowing slightly different from the previous. Patchwork quilts are passé, pea-zants, let's redirect our attention to patchwork pants, shall we?

In the end, the most stunning part will still be the entourage of very chic, not so pea-zant-like models clad in Valentino's signature red. (This blog is called rednotion, I thought you would've gotten that by now.) And yes, that's not lace, that's laser-cut leather. Gold star with a diamond on top, Valentino.

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