158 - Wearable Mugler

I had the privilege (a somewhat costly one, at that) of watching the Mugler FW 2012 show when they came for Audi Fashion Festival earlier this year, and the question has always bugged me: Given Mugler's 100% avant-garde-ness and complexity - Formichetti said it 'only' took 3 months to do the orange dress - how would that translate down to ready-to-wear pieces?

Goes without saying I found my answer while browsing through SSENSE today. The tiger print blazer, the padded shoulders little black dress (does that come in orange? If it doesn't, it's a real shame), the unique cuffs on the sweater, and that stunning tiger-print knit sweater. To commoners such as me, the prices are stunning as well! Nonetheless, these pieces are gorgeous and just screaming Mugler. They've been watered down perfectly. Hopefully my eyes will be treated to some of these gems on the street during fashion week!

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