160 - Knights of the Square Table

Two concrete blocks, and an outfit fit for war. I reckon it would've been too ironic had I named this "Knights of the Round Table". Tomorrow marks the start of my finals week, so I decided to armor myself in preparation for the somewhat grueling week ahead. Who said fashion isn't an expression? Was tempted to go to the same place Erica and I went last week, but I figured it'd be too boring, considering I haven't posted any outfit posts since last Sunday.

Stumpy leg-a-thon. "This ditch is too big, I can't get across. Sorry ant, we weren't meant to be." A few more shots to compensate for the lack of posts that is going to plague the coming week. 

High on the over-exposure! To all my fellow schoolmates-cum-readers, all the best!

Photography by Erica and Brother Dearest
Editor's black t-shirt (underneath); Editor's silver knit pullover; Korea cape blazer; Uniqlo bermudas; H&M silver sandals; Lacquar studded wristband; Korea bag


  1. Can I just say that that cape blazer is freaking ace.

    1. Hehehe thanks, I'm really glad I bought it too, it's become such an essential in my wardrobe!