163 - Hanging out

There's no way to argue against it - it's fall. And fall means blazers and outers and a whole lot of balancing jackets on your shoulders as if it's 10 degrees out when you're living in Singapore, without looking like an idiot pulling back up your blazer after it falls off your shoulders while you pay for a new bag of clothes from Zara. Henceforth, I present to you a stellar case of my ingenuity-idiocy, an confusing disease where you can't decide if I'm actually a Class A idiot, or a Nobel Prize winning genius. 

My concept is based on the ribbons they sew to certain types of garments so you can hang properly without them slipping off or stretching. And because rolls of ribbons aren't the most common thing lying around a ma maison, I will do with different colored ones, and some safety pins. This Mango blazer, snatched from their summer sale 2 years ago has never been worn out before because it's way too formal and thick, but it works splendidly as a shoulder-expander and the most suitable article of clothing for this DIY. 

You'll probably want to place the loop of ribbon somewhere along midway to the shoulder, as indicated by the safety pin, and pin it on the inside along the lining. This may not be 100% effective, but you'll be saved trying to catch a jacket falling to the floor with your hands full of clutches and cameras and obstructed by obnoxious arm parties. See figure below: No regrets using purple and red, it's called an added dimension of color.

Have I ruined my reputation yet?

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