166 - Phyle Pour Femme

I was pretty psyched when the Aetienne x Phyle collection first came out - I ordered my black blazer, in fear that it'd run out of stock - the very same night. Unfortunately, I've always taken my chances with unregistered postage, and my blazer got lost (and or stolen) along it's magical journey to my house. But I can assure you one thing, you will get top notch customer service from Phyle: they kindly sent another one to me and were absolutely gracious in dealing with my request. 

I'd reckon the most interesting thing about Phyle is how it deals with social enterprise together with fashion. Sometimes I take a step back and look at my closet, and the ridiculous amount of money I spend on clothes, and then ponder on the materialism of being enamored with the industry. You get allegations of sweatshops or underpaid workers, before you realize the harsh reality of the situation. Thereafter, you brush it off as the fact that you can't do anything - mass market is mass market, and it's not like tailoring everything is an option. I honestly think that's where Phyle takes the step to provide underprivileged households in Singapore with the skills and equipment to make clothes, but keeping the prices reasonable. I paid $54.90 for this blazer. I got amazing customer service, no loose threads and quality issues, intense uniqueness, without forking twice the price at some international label.

Of course I'll always end up buying mass produced goods, but there's a significance in acknowledging those less fortunate than you, and understanding how supporting enterprises like these could create an exciting generation of social enterprises.

Therefore, I hereby present to you a call to action (school, you can come in so handy) to check out the first Phyle collection and hopefully spot something worth buying. (I recommend the skirts, as well as registered postage) Meanwhile, I'll get acquainted with my new staple piece for the weekend.

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