167 - Starry Eyed

I used to have this false fascination that being street-styled is the ultimate of recognitions. But then I realized, quarter of attracting people's attention is just going out of the box. Way out of it. Case in point: LED fake lashes. Doesn't get any better my folks. 

Soomi Park has come up with these surreal LED eyelashes in response to Korea's (and women all over the world) desire to have bigger eyes. Personal interest dictates less attention onto the technological workings of this nifty accessory, but rather how stunning they'll look like at night, or another possible DIY project just for kicks. I should stumble around Orchard one night like this, blend into the night lights and iron sights. 

Goodbye, romantic scenes. No more will there be "staring into her gorgeous eyes as the light reflected off them", but usher in "I can't see anything but her LED lashes". Hello, man-made beauty.

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