Of course, amble your mouse over to the much HQ version on my deviantart here, just so you can see the impatient strokes of gray-scale paint.

As expounded earlier, I traveled along the inspiration line from Isolation and ended up with Prison, though my take is a little less orange and burly and much cleaner. And, it has a story to tell! It might be a bit abstract and shallow - when I recounted this amazing tale to my friends they found it, for lack of a better word, 'entertaining' - but here goes the shambles of my mind: 

The collection starts off clear, and with a shimmery jacquard fabric, to represent something like 'innocence' and inexperience. The 3rd look on is a sudden change of scene to jail, and in the 5th look, he, or she, is thrown in solitary confinement, therefore represented by multiple layers of black fabric overcoming the gray walls, and only redeemed by the slight hint of the jacquard, or of skin to symbolize the physical slot in which the food is passed through. In the 7th and 8th look, the pieces have a concrete wall print, meant to convey the 4 walls and the general consistency of life, before he's suddenly released from prison in the 9th. His journey back to 'innocence' of course takes time, and is constantly shrouded by the memory of prison and the maturity he has gained, hence the sheer white fabric. And it is also this that allows him to become more 'innocent' than before. I see innocent as more of a mindset than an actual state of being in this case.

This is one of the first collections whereby I've tried to create some sort of linear fiction or actual message, and I probably have ways to go. Nonetheless, I'm pretty proud of it, and I'm growing fond of this art style.

Look 1, 2: Sheer dress with metallic jacquard panels and back
Look 3: White long-sleeve jumpsuit with belt
Look 4: White three-quarter sleeve shirt, white pants
Look 5: Gray maxi dress, multiple-layered asymmetrical sheer fabric turtle-neck cape
Look 6: Gray midi dress with white panel, multiple-layered sheer fabric turtle-neck cape
Look 7: Multiple-layered asymmetrical sheer fabric wide turtle-neck cape, white midi skirt
Look 8: Concrete print long sleeve shirt and pants with cut out slits
Look 9: Concrete print three-quarter sleeve jacket and wide leg berms, white long sleeve shirt and pants
Look 10: White cape-dress with multiple-layered sheer fabric turtle-neck
Look 11: White shirt with sheer collar and sleeves, white berms with sheer extensions
Look 12: Sheer blouse with white panel and collar, high-waist white midi skirt
Look 13: Sheer turtleneck-neck blouse, metallic jacquard midi dress with white panels
Look 14: Sheer asymmetrical cape with multiple-layered fabric turtle-neck, long sleeved metallic jacquard maxi dress with slits


  1. I love looks 5, 8, 10 and 14! THOSE EXTREME TURTLENECKS OMG!!! <3

    1. Heheh thanks!! Yeah haha I don't know I really love oversized turtlenecks that can cover your nose and chin I find it so cozy