172 - Catch 'Em All

Today was a day for the epic struggle between maturity and childhood. Am I 10? Check out the chick shirt, really, I bought it when I was about 10 or 11, and while cleaning out my closet I decided that I didn't want to throw it away - it could come useful somehow someday. Henceforth, yet another questionable outfit. $2 cap from Daiso is my new best friend, and I'm singing praises to my decision to get this perforated ASOS bag in July - it'll serve me well for the perforated trend next season.

Additionally, let me expound on the immensities of the benefits of a cap. It is not for the sun only, no, the cap, so glorious in its being, while being entirely selective and exclusive and banning 90% of its relatives from flattering my face, can shield your heavily lined eyes from the heavenly rays of the sun, yet protect your heavy mascara from the unforgiving rain. En plus, they can be ridiculously cheap.

My older brother asked my younger brother, "Does she look like she's from Pokemon?" "Yes!" "Does she look like she's Ash?" "Yes!" Damn. I tried. 

Where's my pikachu?

Aetienne x Phyle blazer; Mango shirt; Editor's shorts; Lacquar shoes; Daiso cap; ASOS bag

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