173 - I Call Him Buck

"She watched Project Runway, she watched Sword Art Online, she bathed, but she stood in front of her closet for twenty whole minutes before she could come out decent." 
- Excerpts from The First World Problems of Elizabeth Lim

I haven't brought this blazer out in a long time, probably because it's been overstretched and I'm just not too fond of the way it fits. But if you've been staring at your closet for 20 minutes, you get desperate. The shirt is an obvious go-to whenever my mind cannot make itself up. On a side note, imagine all the possibilities of "making up your mind": a) putting on some eyeliner and blusher; b) imagining and creating your mind; c) combining things to create a mind - ah, the joyous complexes of language. 

On the image below, Rachel caught me in the middle of my telepathic communication with the chunk of metal next to me. "Hot day out isn't right?" "Sure wish I had a cap like you." "Well at least you're decked in white, the heat'll reflect a little." "Still want a cap."  I plan on calling him, this mysterious being who understands the beauty of a cap, Buck.

Semi-dramatic photo, END!

New Look blazer; Lacquar shirt; Editor's shorts; Lacquar shoes; Daiso cap