174 - Shoesday Thursday

You've seen predecessors Shoesday Tuesday and Shoesday Pornsday, now I present to you, Shoesday Thursdays. Before we start, within this mess of overpriced shoes, there are 3 much more affordable pairs hiding amongst. If you can spot them, good for you. If you can't, good for you too, for you will never suffer the pains of shoe discrimination and eternal abstinence from the richer variety.

Let's work in a spiral from the top left: Buckle up and cut your legs with Mister Wang's Kamila Mary Jane boots, and continue with Mister Lim's Katie cut out boots - Asians think alike. Right side up we have Balenciaga's lace-up boots, mirrored by Mister Lim's golden eggs. Finally, we meet our first goose among the ducks - Topshop's reflected metal heel sandals, for the skinny footed. To its left, my seasonal favorite, Stella McCartney's Colgate-lined ankle boots! Bearing uncanny resemblance to Mister Lim's print a la saison, Acne gives us little heel and all chicken pox. Up above, meet another goose, this time from H&M (my current go-to for cheaper shoes shop), black ankle boots. Go neon and go green with this stunning pair of Simone Rocha brogues I have been hunting religiously for, and lastly "take inspiration" from Celine but pay the commoner's price with these buckled heels from H&M

Luscious, luscious, black. 

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