175 - Late Ninja

My condominium had these beautiful lantern lights set up near the pool, and I couldn't resist going down on a school night to snap some quick shots (how ironic, considering the low light they weren't very quick). I would have loved to don something more oriental, but my closet has recently done nothing but to fail me. This is fancied a modern day bad-ass ninja with a splash of pink, but that really just tells you how deranged I am becoming. Must be the heat. And the continuous stream of moon-cakes. Be gone, you treacherous calorie deceivers!

The only pair of long pants I will ever willingly wear, but they come with the prerequisite of 4.5 inch or more heels, or I'd be sweeping the floor. Perhaps one of these days I shall tailor myself a kimono jacket with sleeves extending way past my hands, just so I can go around slapping people with the extra fabric and practice social media and phone abstinence. Image below: Oh dog it's so hot, oh dog, how am I going to pass my French orals tomorrow? (Yes, they really were the next day.)

I doubt being this late for the Hungry Ghost Festival counts as fashionable anymore.

H&M blazer; ASOS harness; Zara sheer pants; Rubi silver shoes; Lacquar bracelets

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