176 - BY FEINE

I was kindly invited to the By Feine launch party the other day, which was graciously hosted by the founders Jody and Elynn (who I had the pleasure of speaking to). If you want the erudition behind this whole set-up, I'll sum it up nicely for you. Jody and Elynn are a pair of girls who, like most, enjoy shopping, and decided to share the love; whilst giving you the liberty of selecting from original designs. (Because it has always been a great pain of mine when I purchase from one blog shop only to find it cheaper at another.) "BYFEINE" is just a punny play on "BE FINE", in case the phonetics were muddling with thy brain.

I'm personally a great fan of the Hank dress, which can be worn two-ways (functionality, what a rare occurrence). However, this recommendation exists for persons other than myself - I generally abstain from the realm of clothing known as the sleeveless abominations (which even comes with its own fat-armed abominable snowman!) If anything, their original designs are kept simple and basic so it's an easy addition to any (monochromatic) closet. And if the whole blog shop shenanigan with their often misleading free-sizing doesn't appeal to you, I have word from Elynn that they'll be bringing in a bag or two soon!

Do check them out if you haven't succumbed and clicked a link or two already.


  1. Great post & blog! :)
    The last photo was such a surprise! Hehe can I steal your last photo of me and my friend?

    1. Hahah hi Cheryl! Sure be my guest. I hope I didn't seem too odd standing at a distance taking a picture of you guys haha.

    2. Haha it's fine! I didn't even noticed until after you took the photo! :) Would have posed/made a face if I turned around on time ahaha!!

    3. Ah, that's a shame then! Hopefully next time we'll meet again and I can do it, and get to know you better :D

    4. That sounds lovely :) Next time then!