177 - Superior Sartorial Sloth

I really wanted to start with the sentence, "What I wore to the BYFEINE launch party last week", but I'm a new-zhar-na-ration (generation) blogger and I hate clich├ęs. I have multiple intense lament sessions daily on how I have 4 exams this week for only 2 subjects, and finals were "supposedly" over. I say supposedly because education never ends - 'learning never ends' inspirational quotes are just a big conspiracy to convince you that it means more than just our relentless pursuit for more. 

And thus I present to you my intransigent pursuit to be antihero worthy of Batman. This character is hereby christened Superior Sartorial Sloth (SSS) - a name that will invoke fear (and intense admiration) in the hearts of many! (Note: See 2 pictures down and refrain from judgement.) A friend of mine told me I should get rid of the cap and do something with my hair instead. But why spend time curling your hair when you can just throw a cap on? This is mankind's eternal pursuit for immortal efficiency, and the Sloth's mode de vie.

Life is a big great treasure hunt that the shady hero, SSS, does not want to partake in while wearing 5 inch heels. 

Photos by Shauna
Korea cape blazer; Editor's sheer maxi shirt dress; Thescarletroom pleather shirt; G2000 culottes; Rubi shoes; ASOS bag; Lacquar bracelets; Daiso cap

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