178 - Post Preparation

Before anything, let us all say a little word of thanks towards the Industrial Revolution (circa 1750) and technology for providing us cheap mass products from China and the glorious Taobao. My items have finally arrived after over a month, and while my heart overflows with glee when I regard the new blazers and jackets I have in my closet. Along the way, I ordered a few (more like hundreds) of gunmetal and silver spikes just in case of any DIY I should do in the future; and a few sizes of crystals for even more DIY that I'm planning! Post O-levels, please come soon. And lastly, I shall leave you with a teaser (mee-ow!) for a DIY I've recently completed. Fair warning: It's just about as questionable as everything else I've been doing. Prime examples of which would be: emulating space astronauts, seeking extraterrestrial zebras and christening myself a superhero name.

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