179 - Makeshift Witch

"On this fine, rainy day, our protagonist, Elizabeth, found herself in front of the magical wardrobe again. What was so special about this wooden block that she would spend hours upon hours standing in front of it? The answer was not to be found so much within the existence of the wardrobe, but rather the empty space in it." 
- Excerpts from 'Elizabeth's Journey to Superior Sartorial Slothdom: Book I'

I've been planning to take shots here since last week, and even the wet weather didn't dampen my plans. The witch (or sloth) fears no evil and fears no water.  If I did it right, this could probably pass off as a full dress - the benefits of having consistent style and shopping. Both are chiffon pieces from Zara, although I have to admit the quality of the top is much better. The chiffon literally does not wrinkle. Superior Slothdom dictates that on especially lazy days, outfits like these are the only genuine answer to life's asinine and shallow first world problems.

"You dare turn your back to me!" 

Photos by Erica
Zara top; Zara asymmetrical skirt; H&M sandals

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  1. looking great for halloween, just a bit early