180 - Goldilocks

"Once upon a time, there existed extraterrestrial sunglasses by London College of Fashion Graduate Archana RaviVarma. Since then, our protagonist, Elizabeth (currently at Slothdom level 5) has been diligently collecting ingredients from spaces far and wide to create the perfect alien. And when she finally cleared the smoke off the magic spell and took a look inside the cauldron, she was once more stunted with the question that was the bane of her living - 'Is this pure genius or pure idiocy?'" - Excerpts from Sartorial Slothdom: The Beginning

I'm not sure if I can even claim "artistic license" with this one. It does look much better in the original picture, maybe it's just my lack of a jawline or the unconsidered thought of using gold and back and wearing it with a head full of more black hair, creating the desired illusion of passe golden blonde streaks and hooligan wannabes. Asian Goldilocks gone wrong. Or perhaps it's just the general messiness that leaks into everything I do - the fringes on each side are uneven, and it really needs a trip to the ironing board. If you're still interested or looking for more proof of pseudo genius-idiocy, scroll on.

The beads are from Daiso, the lovely place to get inspired and be inspired. I've had this hologram gold string since my early primary school days, and you can probably get it from Spotlight, or just use whatever color (or transparent) that suits your fancy. 

The industry's greatest cheap gift to mankind, felt, was cut into two pieces fitting the sides of the sunglasses and meticulously spam-beaded. If halfway through you decide that this DIY will fail you, you can stop here and glue these onto your eyebrows and host your own little Chanel runway show a la fall winter 2012. Each of these pieces took me close to about half an hour or more, but just sit yourself in front of a TV and you'll find that it is the most therapeutic thing since eating. Trust me, this is the second time round I'm doing these - I lost the first ones I made.

I couldn't find the right material nor consistency for the fringe, (and neither did I find a pre-strung fringe suitable to my fetishes), so I took a chance and ordered these ripe Goldilocks one off Taobao and had to cut  each piece individually and string them through. Don't worry, you'll have your porridge soon enough.

Glue everything up, (typical sunglasses I managed to get for $5 at beadstreet in Cineleisure), and take an additional step or two to iron and trim, and you can eat your porridge and choose the biggest bed. I'll find a way to make these work. The pale pallor of my skin is telling of my inner turmoils over this yankee-doodle-doo.


  1. Fancy!!! Great job with the beading :D

    1. Hi Lenne! Thanks haha! The beading is really random luck haha, but it's so therapeutic I would honestly do it for fun. I can see myself as a child genius couturier. Yes I could. >8D