181 - Meddlesome Shades of White

I present you fair heed that this is an absolutely leggy post (leggy: to be filled with many legs), yet the legs that make up this leggy post are not necessarily the most amazing ones on Earth (and Mars). My Taobao stuff finally arrived the other day, and I decided that this paper white blazer would be the first piece to hit the streets. White is one of the most troublesome colors - you'd think it's an absolute color, something almost like black, but there are just so many meddlesome shades of white (passé, Christian Grey). Paper white is an amazing white, but most of the 'imposter whites' in my closet are a bit creamy beige. Just like when ASOS tells you the space boots you're about to buy are in "off white" they really mean "somewhere in between white and beige, but more leaning towards beige". 

My family managed to concoct a reason to head down to Au Petit Salut at Dempsey Road for lunch on Saturday, and intermittently between my legs and my face, enjoy some fish, soya cheesecake, and sugar. I would've put a picture of the delectable foie gras with peaches, but it unfortunately didn't fit the white color scheme. 

My eyebrows are perpetually slanting downwards.

Taobao blazer; Thescarletroom pleather shirt; Editor's shorts; ASOS boots; Lacquär necklace

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