183 - Panda-mic

A minimalist approach on what it takes to be a panda. I grappled between titling this "panda-monium" or "panda-mic", but since, I shall spoil the surprise, I want to be a panda for Halloween, I'll save the former for the end of the month. China knows its animal best - a panda bag for 25 RMB. Blessed be the Taobao. Down by the shoes, I ever went through that phase where you try convincing yourself that you need a pair of Doc Martens, and then attempt to come to terms with the price and the ubiquitous presence of it on the streets. In a fit of impulse I bought this pair of suede desert boots from Clarks instead for roughly the same price, and for once in my sad sartorial life which seeks superior slothdom, there was no regret to be found. Hallelujah. 

Monochromatic weekends are stress free weekends.

Taobao blazer; Editor's shirt; Editor's shorts; Clarks desert boots; Lacquar accessories; Taobao panda bag; Daiso cap

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