184 - ASOS: Best under $50

I realize my previous ASOS feature was Best Under $30, but in light of post-exams, and at least for my schoolmates, the upcoming 'prom/graduation', I think we can expand our budgets a bit. Remember dear friends, go big or go home - you would have spent eons of time searching for the perfect dress (I'm assuming so at least: I just spent my afternoon with a few friends and they were ridiculously picky), why waste the effort by matching it with shabby shoes and shabbier bags?

Above, for those who actually like color (cue: puke), a cute jewel-lace clutch for $31, for those who wish to bring a part of their grandmother to the dinner; for the color-blocking modern day shopaholic, a metal tip clutch for $48.50; a typical envelope (this trend needs to blow over pronto) weave-bar clutch that comes in varying colors for $26.50; one of my favorites for the day, a lovely digital flower print metal corner clutch for $35; and for a bit Chanel good-girl feel, a stunning lime-green metal-tipped shoe that, for good measure, also comes in white, for $49.50. Close shave.

On the other spectrum, jump into the mule craze with these lovely white metal capped heels for $40; embrace your inner hoe with flashy sequined leopard print court shoes for $35; and for $48.50, get a nice leather cross strap sandal with a hint of color just for fun, and to make matching outfits even harder than it already is. Designers.. /shakes head/

To all my fellow friends still searching for your dresses or what not, all the best, and don't forget you actually have O levels. Just had to spoil it.

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