185 - Prancing Beetle

"I want to wear a black shirt. Ah, how about these shorts? Ok, I need some layers, take the chiffon dress. Now I need a blazer. Black bag. Maybe I'll wear the sandals since I haven't been wearing them." - Excerpts from The Mental Sartorial Math

Post finals have put me into a ridiculously lethargic mode. Add to that a slight flu (and a male-worthy voice) over the week, and you get 11am wakeups on a Saturday morning. That also means 30 second mental deliberations on what to wear. One of these days I'll show you the before and after Photoshop pictures: I am especially against the particular shade of "Singapore Nature" green. I almost wanted to make the forest mint blue and give myself wings. Not nearly colorful enough for prancing fairies and magical squirrels. 'Prancing Beetle' will be more apt. Another chapter in Slothdom.

I honestly love the last shot even though it wasn't at the same location, but the rest of the shots didn't turn out as satisfactory as I hoped, so perhaps I'll drop by there again another time.

Last photo taken by Lewin
G2000 blazer; Editor's chiffon dress; Editor's shirt; Stradivarius shorts; Flea bag; Lacquar sandals

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