187 - Tseva Balalaika

Life's been busy, but I can't wait for Saturday to be over. Saturday, as in six hours of exams. Either way, I've been amusing myself, way too much if you ask me, writing a fantasy story partly for my school assignment, but I decided to continue just for kicks. I drew up some simple reference photos to make sure I'm not turning into a word person - pictures 4 lyfe - and to actually update this blog! I  faintly registered the need to invest in more Copics while I was doing up this reference plate, since I was too lazy to actually do digital coloring, I just slapped a few Copic pens around for some color. 

The first three are simple outfits of my protagonist, her name is Tseva Balalaika, laugh at the surname, then realize that 'tseva' means 'color' in english, except Tseva is a woman after my own heart and wears nothing but monochromatic clothes. She even drinks her coffee black. Bless this woman. The last one is of a somewhat antagonistic character, Jil Raichev, although her hair was supposed to be brown. Right now it just looks like a saturated Lightning from Final Fantasy 13.  A snakeskin gown, with extra fabric around the midriff (because you can put oversized, thick clothes on skinny people and they still look skinny) with some green jewels left right center. 

Have a great Hari Raya guys!

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