190 - Slight Pandamonium

The weather's been jumping around too much lately - from ridiculously sunny and hot, to cold, dreary rain. Either way, for my pseudo-Halloween celebration (since I'm not going out on any night to celebrate it), I tried my best to dress up as a panda. I said try. There's a green bamboo pole from Daiso sitting in my room now, but at the last moment I decided to ditch that degenerate of a panda accessory in favor of empty hands and green crawlers on fences.

I got this from Taobao for about forty to fifty, so I guess I have to live with the substandard fur. (Which my cousin insists are feathers.) It has zips at the elbows and at the cuffs, and I was pleasantly surprised when said cousin was playing with the zip and pulled the whole lower portion of the sleeve off. It's detachable! /cue the harps and horns, let the sartorial angels sing! interactive clothes!/

Save the being forced to mate part, being a panda sounds amazing. Eating bamboo, sleeping, rolling around, and being admired because you're furry and fat? That's the life. Say goodbye to the superficialities of life and fashion, being rich, being slim and being pretty. Lifelong hedonistic pleasures of no exercise, hurrah!

Happy Halloween, guys!

Taobao jacket; Editor's shirt; Uniqlo bermudas; ASOS astroboots

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