192 - Paradox: MMM x H&M

Everyone's talking about Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration, and given my recent dry spell on ideas and inspirations alike, I'll jump on the bandwagon. On the left, a diabetes sized candy wrapper in the ubiquitous silver. If I had $100 spare, trust me, I would buy that. I liken myself to a magpie nowadays - my nest needs to overflow with all things shiny. I trust that it is not a coincidence magpies are black and white as well. It's destiny you hear me, destiny.

MMM is essentially selling you oversized clothes: The ultimate solution for fat days. Or fat periods, which honestly applies more when your butt doesn't seem to want to leave the chair and get itself to the gym.  See: right picture, oversized skirt; left picture: oversized pants. Imagining all the fat I can hide is making me dizzy.

More than anything else, the jackets in the collaboration are the most interesting. I'm interested to see how the narrowed-shoulder jacket √† la gauche will look on a model. Perhaps make you look a little more uptight to balance out the relaxed, oversized bottoms. And √† la droite, the paradox of fashion: we pays lots of money to get clothes that look uncompleted. If I'm not wrong the retail price for this (amazing) piece runs close to four or five hundred. See, we always think we pay for high-quality, well made clothes with all their seams tucked in. But when it comes to MMM, we pay for the exact opposite, and partly, the name. Then again perhaps it's because there's the name and the concept that comes with MMM's identity that they can sell these. And you have this admit, this is exceptionally well done and aesthetically pleasing despite its messiness. Without doubt my favorite piece.

On a last note, a duvet coat that doubles as a quilt or even a mini-mattress. Wear this as airport fashion and you'll be turning your economy seat into a first-class seat. 

Lucite will continue to live on, and I love that these wedges don't come with the silver hardware to ensure that the lucite holds to the shoe, so everything is lot cleaner, simpler, skinnier and minimalist-ier. And the glove handbag speaks the loudest on the type of fashion MMM wants to present: something basic, yet something shocking, for that hint of uniqueness. 

So if you have the money to spare, head down to H&M on the 15th of November. My wallet is sparingly empty, and unless H&M suddenly collaborates with Proenza Schouler or Helmut Lang, I won't be scrambling to clear a tin can and beg for money. Although this does cut pretty close.

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