194 - Round the Style

A running joke of my brother's that we should be thankful for rich people who decide to flaunt their wealth by buying expensive cars and driving them on the road. Because if they didn't exist, you'd never see them in real life. It doesn't work so well in sartorially stunted Singapore, but the beauty about clothes is that even if you can't see for yourself, you can see how it's matched with even more things you can't afford. Fashion is the art of consumption.

High above, lovely Rodarte sand-filled and embroidered shoes on the street. Miroslava Duma pulls off a flawless dress, and 5 Inch and Up's Sandra pulls of the Givenchy boots of the season and shorts from her collaboration collection with Nelly just as perfectly. Below, the ridiculously slim-fit: Plethora of colors, from maroons to blues to blondes on the left, and monochromatic goodness on the right. If that ensemble came in my size and cut, I wouldn't hesitate to wear it out. Pseudo ninja skills and covert operations. 

Ending up with another Tommy Ton (Jak&Jil) photo, because there's just something so unique and enchanting about the slight post-Olympics vibe and the clean, simple white pumps that attracts my attention. Then again, it could be the photography.

Images from Jak & Jil, All the Pretty Birds, 5 Inch and Up, and La Mode Outre

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