195 - Souffle Pleasures

The title makes no sense whatsoever, but neither is my brain making much at 2am in the morning. I struggled with getting out of the house in an outfit that had some semblance of practicality, since I was about to spend a better part of the (sweltering) morning in Chinatown, and most of the afternoon and evening shopping in town. When I saw Soeurs.co selling this pair of elastic (thank the heavens!) metallic shorts, I didn't think, I just bought. It's been guilty covet of mine since I first got into the metallic trend somewhere early this year, and it will only be completed when I get myself a gorgeous, metallic, mirror, silver jacket. (See: THE Simone Rocha metallic silver jacket on my banner.)

If we're going to talk even more about pleasures, I've always wanted a potted plant on my windowsill, which happens to be right next to my bed. Mother, however, refuses, because she's utterly convinced I'll wake up one fine morning with soil in my eyes and roots in my mouth. I would take my chances. 

The weather was a lot worse than it looks. Have I mentioned that caps are the best accessory for this erratic weather? Shade the sun and block the rain. 

Photos by Louisa
Taobao blazer; Lacquar shirt; Soeurs.co shorts; Lacquar shoes; ASOS bag; Daiso cap

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