196 - Anti-Inverse

If Mother had allowed me to go through my ingenious plan of dip-dyeing my hair stark white (not blonde, white), then I could have done an inverse relationship with this blazer. I started the sentence with 'if', which should let you know that the plan fell through. And unless I find myself a kick-ass white hair spray and the (ever eluding) patience to do my hair everyday, this will have to do.

Amateur photographer of the day told me to stand here, because she believed that my shoes would blend into the floor and my blazer into the wall. Laughter rings. On other notes, mother commented on my space shorts this morning, which reminds me of my eternal sartorial pursuit for extraterrestrial zebras and becoming a space-woman. If someone would point me in the direction of a silver jacket or top, I'd have all the ingredients to brew a concoction of silver madness from head to toe. The idea is dazzling.

Black-brown hair forever.

Photos by Jazell
Taobao blazer; Editor's shirt; Soeurs.co shorts; Mango shoes

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