197 - Cedric Charlier SS2013

The first thing that attracted me to Cedric Charlier's SS2013 collection was the makeup. It's like modern Pocahontas (which, when I found out was real, shocked me) meets a.. sparrow. You cannot deny that it sure helps to focus the models' gaze in the center. Squawkitty squawk. 

I feel like the collection doesn't have a set tone or identity. Take for example, when you watch a McQueen show, or an Alexander Wang, or Marchesa, etc, all these designers come with a very key design scheme. It's upscale, or high-street, or futuristic, among many. The direction of the design is very firmly set, so most of the time once you've seen the first several looks of the show, you'll know whether you'll like the rest or not. While I personally feel that Charlier doesn't excel in this area so much, variety is always good, and I'm particularly fond of the white looks she started out with (below). Boxy jackets and the ubiquitous Spring 2013 mesh and perforation. The leg warmers are questionable, but then again so is the makeup.

The print is pictured here as a full-body dress, but I much prefer it as slits and highlights in the overall look as seen in the backstage photo at the beginning of the post. Much more elegant and clean. The sheer black dress was a nice stunner - intelligently placed overlaps of fabric to create an architectural feel that still retains it's softness. Still doesn't beat the white looks though.

Images from Vogue and Tumblr

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