198 - Prototype: Visored

Ignoring the subliminal Bleach reference in the title (and the nagging feeling that I should have named it 'visor-black' instead), my end-of-year school 'prom' - it feels immensely odd and unsuitable to call it that - had the ever prosaic theme of Masquerade. Perchance, I went to Venice last year and managed to get myself a mask, but I thought it'd be too mainstream. Then I figured, why not make myself a visor instead, like Alexander McQueen's Fall 2012 visors? It still boggles me why no one has decided to mass produce fakes of them yet: the jaw dropping sight of a bunch of people walking around Singapore with visors on their heads provides enough of an incentive to me, at the very least. I played around with a few ideas, but then I stumbled across this simple black (regrettably - mirror silver would still be the best option) full face visor from Daiso.

Adapting the original design a bit, I cut it just to make a small hill at my nose, since I lack the humanly-declared desirable genes of a small, straight, and sharp breathing mechanism. The headband that came with the visor is definitely secure, but for people like me who don't actually plan to wear it for ages at a time, it's a bit too thick and a bit too tight, so I cut it off.

Getting a headband and a sheet of double-sided tape from Daiso (read: massive inspiration trove) I measured the length of the visor, cut accordingly, and pasted. Afternote reads that I would recommend a hot glue gun or super glue instead, because this double sided sheet desn't hold as well as I would like to. I made some minor adjustments here and there to narrow the visor, but other than that, I was left with my own pseudo, messy visor. There are some limitations that come with it, like actually needing hair to hide the general shabbiness of it, but... this is just another notch in my Prototype belt. 

It's such a shame that I'm such a messy workers but I'm brimming with so many brilliant ideas. Pictures up another time!

Get everything from Daiso.


  1. this is a brilliant idea. do u hv any picture of u wearing it ?

    1. Thanks! Yup it's in my outfit post here: http://rednotion.blogspot.sg/2012/11/199-futur-tasma.html xx