200 - Blooper-thon

Squatting to get your point across, and finding out that your butt is now white. Butt bleaching. (160: Knights of the Square Table)

As a celebration of my 200th post, a small collection of what actually goes on behind the shooting of every outfit of the day post, paired together with, I would like to think, hilarious but utterly true captions. To everyone who's finished their O levels, congrats!

Finding out my best angle. (181: Meddlesome Shades of White)

Young fun in the rain. A true representation of 'the clothes make the person'. (172: Catch 'Em All)

Wide shoulders and wide strides, ugly posture and ugly face. (164: Shoulder to Shoulder)

The finishing motion of a jump from the upper step to the current one. Also known as: Egg laying. (183: Panda-mic)

Let's face it, I was never going to get through all those pebbles with my heels on. Nor get through the heat with my blazer on. (168: Desert Sun)

Asymmetrical faces should never attempt this. (162: New Chapters)

And now, a series of hair-raising photos featuring my god-given accessory: hair. 

I whip my head back and forth, back and ferttthhh. (136: Fifty Shades)

"OOhh... Euphoria!" It's the darned wind again. And a very sleepy face. (185: Prancing Beetle)

To end it all off, keep it spicy: grab your head, and swing! (186: Bright Rain)

My shoots are a lot less glamorous than they look (if they actually do look glamorous, that is)


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    1. haha wow did you get these! If I had nice legs to actually show off in jeans i would consider lmao /shakes head