202 - Candied MMM

The only piece I really wanted from the MMM x H&M collaboration was their mirror silver candy clutch. Unfortunately, the words 'silver' and 'clutch' wasn't enough of an argument to justify me spending a hundred bucks on it, but I did covet it nonetheless. Some extra silver cloth lying around at home, and some free time culminated in my own somewhat successful yet floppy (literally) attempt at a much smaller version of the clutch. It has only now struck me how intensely ginormous and obnoxious the original one was, so perhaps I should have invested in it, nevertheless, if I can hunt myself down some sturdier fabric, I'll redo it. 

I went down to Art Friend and bought myself a 12 inch zip for about 60cents (the disparity in cost between DIYs and the originals are alarming) and pinned it down to a rectangular piece of fabric. The width and the length varies according to how you want it to look, but I roughly had a 30cm x 31cm rectangle, including some allowances. 

To get the thin wrapper effect on one side, I did a double fold (here are the allowances). Once just after the zip, and another one about a third of that, just so I would have something sticking out like the flap of a candy wrapper. 

Iron things down, and prep the sewing machine. I would recommend (if you actually try doing this) to sew outer lines down the flap first - these work as those stress lines from binding the plastic together on wrappers - then using the third seam to sew through all the folded layers, including the zip.  Above, I'm sewing the first outer line on the flap.

Past that, there'll be some hand-sewing where the part of the zip where the zipper rests is concerned. Once you're done with the hidden zip, just sew two, or three, lines across after the zip ends (even more allowances needed here). Take a scissors and just methodically work your way around cutting the zig-zag edges, and you're done. Since the pleather I used was quite flimsy, I cut out a piece of cardboard from one of my old school foolscap pads and put it in for some backbone.

A bit messy, but it serves a higher purpose - saving money for even more spending. 


  1. Feels like making one for myself too! Love your blog (:


    1. I do hope yours turns out better than mine haha! Thanks (:

  2. Hi! Where did you get the material you used?

    1. Hi! I got it from People's Park Complex at Chinatown (: Just hunt around the shops on the 2nd level you should be able to find some