204 - Slow Motion

(left) Finale at Brooks Brothers; (right) Models backstage after Anne Fontaine.

I'll have to apologize for the slow moving updates and probably lack of solid content in the next week, since I'm volunteering to help out at Women's Fashion Week and Haute Couture Week by Fide. (Which also means I get to watch almost all the shows! Hooray!) So far there's been Herve Leger, Bread & Butter; Tommy Hilfiger/Brooks Brothers; Silvan Imberg; and Anne Fontaine. I'm not helping out with dressing/models and all that, but more of the manual labour goodie bags sort of thing, but it's still quite interesting and fulfilling. If you want to see quick updates, do check me out/follow me on instagram @rednotion. I'll still have some blog updates lined up, but have a good week!

(left) Herve Leger goodie bags, which has a Herve Leger bracelet!; (right) Final walk at Silvan Imberg

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