205 - Seven Deadly Sins

It's pretty self-explanatory, but finally, here's the 7 Deadly Sins Remake 2012. My original one had been done quickly (as with all my other designs in the early years) and messily in 2009, see here. Gluttony was literally inspired after a watermelon; sloth is the only design I liked enough to retain most of it's originality. A quick run through:

Lust: a cloak; a chain mail body suit; chain accessories
Pride: triangle outer; black-green bodysuit with broken mirror appliques and sheer gray skirt
Envy: gold necklace; green-ribboned bodice; purple printed skirt (with japanese characters for jealousy) with sheer green front panel
Gluttony: a red shoulder-arm piece (to mimic lips); pink dress with 4-tiered sheer peach-nude fabric (to imitate layers of fat HA!)
Wrath: Black cape with multiple layers of sheer fabric at the back; navy body suit with spikes at thighs, knees and ankles
Avarice (Greed): pale yellow body suit with gold belt and sheer gold/yellow skirt
Sloth: Sleeveless mint-blue sequined dress with sheer tulle skirt and a feather train at the back; headpiece

The main reason why it took so long for me to get this up was because it was originally planned as a collaboration with a friend or mine, to draw the dresses on women in different poses for a more portrait/editorial effect. Obviously, it fell through due to clashing schedules, but I did do some intense photo referencing for her to get a better idea, so do check it out under ze cut.


  1. Your designs are absolutely amazing. I can't even.

  2. These are cool!!!!!!
    A saw a lot of your works, and it still amaze me ^^
    May i ask you something? Did you use copic for coloring?