207 - Prime Picking

It may have been a busy week at Women's Fashion/Haute Couture Week, but I did find some time on Saturday morning for my teacher's wedding and a celestial chance to get an outfit shot done. The stars are aligned, my friend, for the day before my brother came home with prime lens! It's time for my myriad of impromptu amateur photographer friends to get used to the absence of changing zoom. 

My mind is swimming with thoughts about fashion and haute couture after the symposium on Friday, but at the forefront of it all, is my growling stomach, heavy lidded eyes and numb feet, so I'll save the palaver vomit for another day.

The Kae Hana skirt I bought close to half a year ago, but never brought out of the house until today. Peace.

Taobao blazer; Lacquar top; Kae Hana skirt; Rubi shoes; Editor's necklace

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