Backstage at Guo Pei during Asian Couture Evening

I can't even begin to describe what an amazing 9 (technically 8, since I didn't work on Monday) days Women's Fashion Week and Haute Couture Week were. Other than the ridiculously mundane and sweat inducing despite the blistering cold aircon work of arranging chairs, doing general jobs no one wanted to do, and eating sandwiches everyday, there was so much visual splendor to take in I can hardly remember anything. Then there was the amazing Haute Couture Symposium on the globalization of HC, with some valid and thought provoking points brought up by the panelists, which I will hopefully cover once my brain starts working. I met lots of splendid people, like Pia Jacqueline, a whole bunch of crazy fun volunteers who I worked together with, and my supervisors and fellow ushers. It was a joy to see some of the designers, especially Julien FourniĆ©, who was absolutely high and ecstatic throughout the entire time he was present, jumping around all the time, and having the most fun and lively rehearsal and runway show (I'm still regretting not asking for a picture.) Since I can check the volunteer box, perhaps next time I might be able to find myself a job as a dresser, just to see another aspect of backstage. I brought a small digicam (hence the slightly intolerable and blur photos) along just to document whatever I could when I was free, so, under the cut, folks.

Herve Leger: amazing maxi dresses and outerwear (ironically)

Models backstage after Anne Fontaine; and a Michael Kors bag, what a rare sight. 

The closing show for Women's Fashion Week, Moiselle.

Absolute madness backstage at Guo Pei, such a one in a life time opportunity and privilege to see them up close and honestly appreciate the fine detail.

Drop dead gorgeous dresses everyone can appreciate from Yumi Katsura; and her applause inducing dress that lights up! 

Daniel Boey, the creative director, and Thomas Wee, the designer, at the rehearsal together with the finale look.

Adoring the colors to go with the general black and white goodness of the collection.

Won't deny the little squeal of pleasure when they sent out barefooted models at the Marc Antoine Barrois show. 

Marc Antoine Barrois on the left.

It's a box full of Louboutins. A box full of Louboutins. 

Jeannie Mai, Yiqing Yin, and her stunning red creation backstage during French Couture Week.

Someone obviously lost the keys to their room.

Up close and personal, and then it really hits you how much of an art Haute Couture is.

One of Julien FourniĆ©'s!

Christopher Josse during Haute Couture Week

(Top) The bunch of us volunteers, going crazy during the after party! (Bottom) WHATS UP UTT - who was the emcee for French Couture Week!

The macarons a la TWG, highly coveted by backstage crew throughout the whole fashion week.

Till next year!

Photos by me, and Nobelle!


  1. Ahhh thanks for sharing these! I know I was there a lot, but you caught all the fun moments and it's just much more interesting from your perspective :D

    1. haha i wish I could have brought a proper DSLR to capture even more lol I have so many blurry pictures ): Thanks!!