210 - Orchid Drops

The orchid was but a prop fate placed in the bathroom where the shoot took place (other than my room and the bed as per usual). I should have lowered the aperture a bit more, but I guess that's a lesson learnt for another time. A much better shoot than the previous one, and the crystals were much easier to stick than the huge flowers in Shannon's Bouquet. We forgot to bring tweezers though, so things got a bit messy haha.

Honestly, this shoot was almost 2 over weeks back, and the editing was ready by the same night, I just wanted to hold it for when I became a little dry on posts, but in the end what delayed it the most was constant editing. I promise you, each photo went through at like 3 editings, partly because I needed to clean some stuff up and I got so worried about how it would appear on different screens (on my external screen it's crazy overexposed and way too warm, but it's fine on my phone, and personally too warm on my laptop screen). My fingers curl in annoyance whenever I think about it now, and I'm letting my heck-care side take over to just post these as they are. Hopefully, you'll still enjoy

P.s. I've actually done more shoots with Pachel for a friend's blogshop, so those are coming up soon too! My official full-time job is free (no lance) editing.

Quotes are from (one of) my favorite book(s), The Little Prince. So much meaning hidden in simple sentences.

Photographer & Post-editing | Elizabeth
Model & Makeup | Rachel
Borrowed Camera | Henghwee
Black jacket | Thescarletroom

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