211 - Feist Heist's First

Dropped by the Feist Heist x White Antler First Anniversary Birthday Rumpus & A Curiously Curated Pop-Up Shop (I had to copy that from the email I got, because honestly, it's such a long event title) last Thursday to take a look at the Feist Heist products and mingle mingle jingle jingle (bell, christmas tree, ooh la la). I've heard enough testimonies from people that the Feist stuff are really worth it given their quality and existence as basics, but it doesn't hurt to cop a real feel (wiggles eyebrows). I still haven't bought anything from there, but I'm pretty sure I'll cave in soon. As I told Sean, they seem to understand this terrible complex I face where "even if I already have a white blazer, if you come up to me and offer me a white blazer with leather sleeves, I will want it."  The true reason behind the 4 over black blazers and jackets in my closet, and the 3 white/cream ones. 

 With much delight, I said hello to Sour Sally.

Feist's Portia dress in white, which you can buy online here

Blooper face while letting John of Street Peek take a few photos. 

 It was also my first time meeting Sean (Seyfried l o l) in real life and I decided to take a page from his book and train my arms with some weights, although I must concede how far outmatched I am in this torturous and surprisingly difficult department. When I finally decided my eyelids wouldn't be too droopy to attend the event, I tried not to think about the impending doom of sitting on the floor in front of my closet and wondering what to wear (absolutely true story, once a week). Increased phone usage this past week however, surfaced an old photo of what I originally wanted to wear to Audi Fashion Fest earlier this year but scrapped in the end (for something much more plain and plebeian. Why, Elizabeth, why?). A few adjustments, and I finally called it a break to my few days of slobbing around the house in a hoodie and shorts. 

Photos taken by Sean
Editor's sheer maxi dress; Taobao blazer; Editor's shorts; Far East boots; Editor's necklace; Lacquar spike bracelet; Lacquar metal buckle bracelet; Lacquar studded leather wristlet; Agnes B silver bracelet; Herve Leger bracelets

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