212 - Some Snow Would Be Nice

As you read this (if you are a prompt, punctual, devoted, loyal and highly appreciated reader) I will probably be in Taiwan already shopping my school socks (yes, those are the socks I wear when they can't be seen) off, I pray. It was raining the other day, and after cancelling on a friend with some measure of remorse, I climbed into bed and started sketching based but not limited to an instagram shot of the raindrops on my window, which I ended up using as prints here. The colors are honestly a lot worse on the original painting, but photoshop and Hue/Saturation filters do wonders. I went for the tacky yellow (but ombred) wellies, but extra brownie points for being nightwalker wellies. 

In some intangible sense the jacket, the "scarf" and the hoodie are meant to offer the use of protection against the rain (means they can actually come up), although I can't particularly decide on what make and material they should be of. They just have a lot of fold lines because I listened to the brain scrambling Krewella Mix while doing this. Absolutely no regrets. 

Hopefully you will also have noticed the tacky change of header photos, in celebration of the Christmas season! Despite the "rednotion" alias, I don't really like red clothes that much, but I'll concede to make this place smell a little more like poinsettias and pine trees. Featured in the banner, Proenza Schouler with the nail polished matching jacket skirt set, and a Helmut Lang dress.

Look 1: Jacket with off-center zip and hood; printed board shorts
Look 2: "dropped armpits" (idek what I'm saying oh god) coat with fold-able print hood; pants with transparent ankle cuffs
Look 3: Matching set of print hoodie and skirt with paneled transparency

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